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WILD and NATURAL. A Guide To MUVO’s Native Extract Ingredients.

You’ve also likely heard the saying ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’... but did you know that native Australian fruits and plants could be the secret to healthier, shiny hair?

Brunette, the new blonde

In a world full of hair colour we’ve made it of utmost importance to maintain the cool tones of our brunette population. Our Coolest Brunette Shampoo & Conditioner is like colour-correcting makeup for brunette hair.

Your pink hair goals and how to achieve them

We’ve collected the data, we’ve done the experimenting and we’ve figured out the timing and unique recipes for you to create your perfect shade of pink.

How to nail the perfect blonde hair care routine

Totally Naked Shampoo can be used on its own or mixed with Ultra Blonde Shampoo to dilute its strength for unique and pastelised results.

MUVO supports the National Breast Cancer Foundation Pink Friday campaign

We decided to extend PINK FRIDAY to a PINK LONG WEEKEND! From Friday 5th to  Monday 8th June we will donate 10% of online sales of all MUVO Ultra Rose Shampoo and Conditioner products.

Pink hair trending for 2020 with MUVO Ultra Rose

Guess who’s back (again!)? Pink hair’s back - so tell a friend! Heavily influenced by famous stars and icons, pink hair is now cemented as an official trend to jump on board with.

How to achieve optimum results with MUVO Ultra Blonde

You love the way it removes all those annoying gold tones. And who are we to argue, nobody’s got time for that! The only step you are missing is a regular use shampoo and conditioner in-between!

Out From The Ashes...

We’re fair dinkum about helping out after the devastation from the fires… We want you to know you are on our mind. After deep thought about how we could help, what we have to give, MUVO has donated much-needed Shampoo and Conditioner packs.

A one-on-one interview with the founder and creative genius, Marg...

We love challenging ourselves to create products that will not only achieve the best results, but also meet the demand of what the industry is requesting, and there was a huge gap for something like MUVO.

Who says bigger isn’t better when Totally Naked?

You asked for it, we listened, we made it. Now it’s time to uncover this shampoo and conditioner in the bigger and better one litre size… Introducing MUVO Totally Naked.

Conditioner, the missing link in your MUVO haircare routine.

Skipping on conditioner means that you miss out on all the benefits of healthy hair. Some people think that their...

Can I use MUVO on my hair extensions?

YES! MUVO not only gives you toning results on your coloured & natural hair but can also be safely used...