Behind The Name MUVO
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Behind The Name MUVO

There’s always a meaning behind a name...

There’s always a meaning behind a name. Whether your parents decided your birth name because you were born in the ‘70s (and they wanted to pass on their Woodstock hippy vibe) or you’re an ‘80s punk child born to an era with rap in your blood (and possibly considered having leg warmers surgically attached) - your name always has some weird and wonderful meaning behind it.

So think clean, and think pleasure. Bring the meaning of these two words together and that’s how MUVO was created!

Fashioned from two Latin words.

MUNDI (Clean) and VOLUPTURA (Pleasure)

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We secured the name and now we’re a world-renowned hairdressing brand. You’ve invested time in finding the best products available for your hair, now you can feel secure in taking the best step forward in your hair care routine.