Blonde and bleached hair will achieve brighter results much more quickly than highlighted hair. We recommend that you leave for 1-3 minutes for soft pink tones, and 5-10 minutes for brighter pink tones. Experiment with timings to get your preferred tone. You can also try on dry hair too! (the colour will grab far more quickly)
Not at all! MUVO Ultra Rose can be used on bleached or highlighted hair. It's all a matter of timing. You'll experience much shorter wait times on bleached hair than darker highlighted hair. It all depends on your baseline (starting point).
No. MUVO Ultra Rose is a shampoo. It has all the yummy ingredients to leave your hair clean and vibrant.
Thats our plan! Don't forget though, MUVO Ultra Rose is a shampoo. Lather up and immediately wash out and you will just get dusty pink tones. The longer you leave it, the more colour you will deposit.
Make sure you rinse your hands thoroughly...which is easy when you're in the shower!
Yes, of course! MUVO Ultra Rose can be used all over the hair. It won't affect re-growth, but it will grab to the lighter strands of hair.
It's up to you! MUVO Ultra Rose can be used as often as every time you wash your hair. If you do stray and decide to alternate and use your normal shampoo in between, we recommend using a 'paraben free' as not to undo our wonderful work!
MUVO Ultra Rose can be used on all hair types. Different hair types, call for different time frames. We found that those with dry or damaged hair could leave on for a shorter time. On the other hand, those wiht a more oily type need to wait a little longer. We invite you to experiment!