Yes. MUVO Smooth has been designed to use on both towel dried (after washing) and dry hair. You can even have at the ready in your handbag or travel bag to massage into dry, frizzy ends.
No. MUVO Rapid has been designed to use on wet hair after shampooing. Rinse out thoroughly.
Not at all. MUVO Smooth is free of colour to use on damp or dry hair.
Not at all. MUVO Rapid is free of colour to use after shampooing.
Definitely not! MUVO Smooth is a leave-in treatment product.
Yes. MUVO Rapid is a rinse-out treatment product.
Both MUVO Smooth and Rapid can be used on all hair types.

For MUVO to develop a quality bottle and prevent leakage during shipping, we had to create packaging that would be ultra secure. Step by step we will take you through how to easily and safely open our MUVO bottles.

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